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Summer is a great time to visit the spectacular Gateway Garden of New World Plants at the Botanical Gardens. The ornamental plants in this garden are originally native to the Americas.
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Sue Reichert Discovery Trail

Living Willow house allong the Sue Reichert Discovery Trail. Click here to view more photos.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy a multisensory experience while walking along the Sue Reichert Discovery Trail. Once completed, this trail will be wheel-chair and stroller accessible to provide wonderful opportunities for children and families to discover nature. Some of the featured native plants are known to have closely related fossils that date back to the time of the dinosaurs - find the modern leaf casts!

Learn about the natural history of Michigan plants along the special sensory trail and in the tree groves. Find animal tracks to follow, a Willow Lodge to explore, a Bug Meadow full of interesting insects to observe, and spotting scopes to watch the birds, turtles and muskrats enjoying Willow Pond.

The Green Trail is a figure eight that encircles Willow Pond to the south and Parker Brook/Parker Pond to the north. The route around Willow Pond has been designated the Sue Reichert Discovery Trail, in honor of former docent and supporter Sue Reichert. The western portion of this route was resurfaced in the spring of 2006 to improve conditions for users of mobility aids and access during wet periods. Student interns designed and installed numerous enticing features that are worth a visit. The willow lodge, bug meadow and spotting scopes are in place. Castings of animal tracks and fossil plants are being prepared. An interpretive map of this 1/3 mile loop is available at the front lobby. Additional resurfacing is scheduled for spring 2007. The northern loop of the Green Trail parallels Parker Brook and the edge of Parker Pond. Due to its wetland setting, the surface of this turf trail is often damp or wet, earning it the "soggy bottom" moniker among MBGNA staff. Be sure to wear your boots or check in with visitors services for a trail update.

The Sue Reichert Discovery Trail is at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens site.

The Sue Reichert trail was given by Rudy Reichert in loving memory of his wife. For many years, Sue served our community as a docent at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. With her love of children, nature and learning, the trail constructed in her name provides a unique and appropriate memorial. For more details, please contact our director of development, Meredith Olson:; 734.647.7847.

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