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Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS supports the following applications:  


  • LSA Undergraduate Student Advising File and Appointments
    • Manage advisor/student relationships and interactions
  • LSA Graduate Student System
    • Admissions, Courses taken and taught, demographics and milestones towards a degree
  • LSA Learning Analytics - Student Explorer
    • Early warning system designed to support the academic advisement of students
  • LSA Degree Audits
  • LSA UMAY Survey
    • How students feel about their major
  • Teaching Evaluation Comparison tool on how a faculty member ranks with others
  • Academic Reporting Toolkit (ART)
    • Statistical summary of course enroll history, past performance of students, trends for selecting courses


  • LSA Course and Maintenance
    • Students and Staff to search, review class content, and schedule.
  • Testing Accommodation Center (TAC)
  • Course Syllabi Archive

Human Resources

  • Budget and Finance
    • Management Reporting System - KPI, Salary Program, Commitments, eGIF and Faculty Effort Reporting modules
    • Faculty Annual Reports, Leaves Reports and Personnel Data Management


  • LSA Faculty Lifecycle Portal
    • Faculty Resources
      • Annual Report, GSI allocations, Leaves History and Request, Publications and Journals, Teaching Schedule, Research History
  • LSA Classroom Database


  • LSA Undergraduate Recruiting System
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • ApplicantStack
    • Testing and piloting vendor, cloud-based for creating application that are potentially useful for new faculty, lecturer and GSI hiring.


  • Department-specific programs
    • Our group is responsible for a variety of ad hoc data requests for academic units and Dean’s office staff

Access Rights

  • Management Reporting Systems - Please contact your departmental Key Administrator
  • Student Advising File and the Appointment System - Please send an email to  
  • Faculty Life Cycle Portal  - Please contact your departmental Key Administrator or send an email to