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HR Contacts by Topic (including University HR Contacts)

University HR Liaisons to LSA

Nicole Allen
Employment Process Coordinator
Shared Services Center
1000 Victors Way 2744

Amy Grier
Senior Human Resource Representative
Staff HR
2005 Wolverine Tower 1281

Contacts by Topic

HR issue for LSA staff in the Career Family Classification System
Designated HR contact for each LSA department.
Diane Benson
Linda Dabrowski

Karyn Procter-Wicks

HR activity involving employee in a labor union
Jim Burkel*
Patrick Smitowski

Questions regarding the LSA Professional Development, Tuition Support, LSA HR web pages, LSA NEO or eRecruit
Kim Lewandowski

Questions regarding interim staffing assistance through LSA Outreach Staffing Services
Diane Benson

Questions regarding University-wide HR policies, programs, or practices
Designated HR contact for each LSA department

Amy Grier, University HR Contact for LSA


*Jim Burkel is the primary point of contact for LEO and GEO contract issues in LSA