International TV

We currently subscribe to 9 international channels that you can access from your computer or from within on-campus cable channels: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish; Korean is available on on-campus TV.

Faculty can request program recordings for use in class. For DVD or digital recording of programs contact To put your recording on reserve in the LRC's Main Center or add to your CTools site contact

Click on the links below to see the schedule:

116 Arabic: Al Jazeera
117 German: ProSiebenSat 
118 French: TV5
119 Various II: Italian RAI Italia
120 Japanese: TV Japan
121 Various I: Portuguese Globo TV
122 Spanish: TVE
123 Korean (available on TV only): Arirang (in English)
124 Chinese: CCTV4

International TV Online (IPTV)

International TV online (IPTV) is available from within U-M campus networks only or with use of a VPN client. IPTV channels are unicast stream. If you need technical information, please send your request to This resource is prioritized for academic use. Programming is subject to change.


Click to watch in Flash Click to watch in Silverlight Click to watch on iPad


International TV on Cable

In addition to watching the international channels online, you can  access them via on-campus cable channels.

Notice: U-M has recently moved all of its channels to digital broadcasts. If your TV is not digital-ready, you will need to purchase a converter box. Most electronics stores that sell TVs will have them. If your TV is digital capable, you may still need to manually change it to use the digital band instead of analog. The channel numbers should not be affected, but some units may represent the digital channels differently. In that case, these LRC channels will appear in the "60-x" group, i.e. 60-1, 60-2, etc. For more information, please see UMTV Frequently Asked Questions.