Dragomir Radev

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  • About

    Drago Radev is Professor of Information, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Linguistics, and leads the CLAIR (Computational Linguistics And Information Retrieval) group.

    Before joining Michigan, he was a Research Staff Member at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY. He is the author of more than 45 papers on information retrieval, text summarization, graph models of the Web, question answering, machine translation, text generation, and information extraction. 

    His current research on probabilistic and link-based methods for exploiting very large textual repositories, representing and acquiring knowledge of genome regulation, and semantic entity and relation extraction from Web-scale text document collections is supported by NSF and NIH. 

    Professor Radev serves on the HLT-NAACL advisory committee, was recently reelected as treasurer of NAACL, is a member of the editorial boards of JAIR and Information Retrieval, and is a four-time finalist at the ACM international programming finals (as contestant in 1993 and as coach in 1995-1997). He received a graduate teaching award at Columbia and recently, the UM award for Outstanding Research Mentorship (UROP).

  • Education
    • Ph.D., Columbia