Student Funding

The following information has been compiled to provide funding opportunities to University of Michigan students who are pursuing studies in the field of Judaic Studies. Application and related materials can be found at the web links below. For additional assistance, please contact the Student Services Coordinator.

Summer Funding & Award Opportunities

Stanley Frankel Summer Fellowship for Research and Study

The annual fellowship, whose value is $5,000, is open to B.A., and Ph.D students at the University of Michigan who wish to pursue work in Jewish studies during the summer in Europe, Israel, or Latin America. The fellowship may be used for research in archives and libraries, advanced language training, archaeological excavations, scholarly workshops, or social welfare and communal reconstruction projects in countries recovering from authoritarian rule.

General Summer Research Funding

The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies offers summer research funding to undergraduate and graduate students pursing studies in the field of Judaica on an annual basis. Varying amounts of funding will be awarded, based on proposed budgets, to cover related costs such as airfare, lodging, ground transportation, program fees, etc. while engaged in research or advanced learning abroad.

Marshall Weinberg Prize

The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies awards, annually, the Marshall Weinberg Prize to an outstanding graduate student in Judaic Studies. To be eligible for the prize, the student must have passed his or her prelims and be engaged in writing his or her dissertation. Student recipients of this generous award are nominated by a University of Michigan faculty member.

  • Deadline - Nominations are due in January of the year preceding the award
  • Checklist

Simeon Brinberg Outstanding Student Award

In recognition of an outstanding M.A. student, the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies offers, bi-annually, the Simeon Brinberg Outstanding Student Award.  Nominations from Judaic Studies faculty will be solicited once each term. Students must have completed 9 credits towards the Judaic Studies M.A. program and must have a 3.5 GPA or higher to be eligible.

  • Nomination Deadlines - October 31st and February 28

Graduate Admissions Opportunities

Todd M. Endelman Fellowship Fund and the Zvi Y. Gitelman Fellowship Fund

The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies annually provides five-year funding packages to Ph.D. applicants from affiliated granting departments in honor of Todd Endelman and Zvi Gitelman. The fellowships pay tribute to two master scholars/teachers who mentored and modeled Judaic Studies for decades. The fellowships provide funding support (tuition, stipend, grad care benefits and summer research funding) in years 1, 4, and 5. Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) support is available in years two and three from the Ph.D. awarding unit.

  • Deadline - Dependent on Ph.D. Granting Departments

Ph.D. Admission’s Funding

The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies provides supplemental support towards financial packages for doctoral studies. Ph.D. applications that meet the admission requirements, from affiliated Ph.D. granting departments, are reviewed by the Frankel Center’s Executive Committee on an annual basis. Funding is based on outstanding applicants whose work is in Judaic studies and whom Judaic Studies faculty would serve as mentors. The committee may offer funding in the form of tuition, annual stipend, grad care benefits, and/or summer research funding.

  • Deadline - Dependent on Ph.D. Granting Departments


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