The faculty of the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies are committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Jews and Judaism.  Judaic Studies faculty come from all corners of campus and comprise a diverse and active community within the University.


  • Maya Barzilai

    Maya Barzilai

    Assistant Professor 4165 Thayer Building

    Modern Hebrew and German Literature, Jewish Culture, Film and Photography Studies; Twentieth century Hebrew, German, and Yiddish literature, Popular Culture, Visual Studies (particularly early film and photography theory), Translation Theory and Hebrew-German Bilingualism734.647.4240 / brmaya@umich.edu

  • Sara Blair

    Sara Blair

    Professor 3251 Angell Hall

    American Studies, Urban Studies, Jewish-American Literature, Visual Culture and Photography734.764.0428 / sbblair@umich.edu

  • Gabriele Boccaccini

    Gabriele Boccaccini

    Professor 4145 Thayer Building

    Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins734.763.1595 / gbocca@umich.edu

  • caron interim

    David Caron

    Professor 4218 MLB

    Holocaust Literature, France, Gender and Sexuality734.747.2665 / dcaron@umich.edu

  • Deborah Dash Moore

    Deborah Dash Moore

    Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of History
    Director, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies
    Executive Committee Member
    2127 Thayer Building

    American Jewish History734.647.7862 / ddmoore@umich.edu

  • Todd Endelman

    Todd Endelman

    William Haber Professor of Modern Jewish History Emeriti 1029 Tisch Hall

    Modern Jewish History734.764.6305 / endelman@umich.edu

  • Hussein Fancy

    Hussein Anwar Fancy

    Assistant Professor 2528 Haven Hall

    734.647.5409 / fancy@umich.edu

  • BIO-Freedman

    Jonathan Freedman

    Marvin Felheim Collegiate Professor 3036 Angell Hall

    Ethnicity in American Literature and Culture, 1870 - 2005734.764.0475 / zoid@umich.edu

  • Elliot Ginsburg

    Elliot Ginsburg

    Associate Professor 3016 Thayer Building

    Jewish Mysticism and Thought734.763.4670 / elgins@umich.edu

  • Zvi Gitelman 2012

    Zvi Gitelman

    Institute Fellow 2111 Thayer Building

    Under and After Empire: Jewish Public Life After Communism734.763.9047 / zvigitel@umich.edu

  • Karla Goldman

    Karla Goldman

    Director, Jewish Communal Leadership Program 3810 SSWB

    American-Jewish History and Community734.763.6583 / kargold@umich.edu

  • Caroline Helton

    Caroline Helton

    Associate Professor 229 Stearns

    Vocal Music by Jewish Composers734.615.3728 / chelton@umich.edu

  • Alexandra Hoffman

    Alexandra Hoffman

    Lecturer I 2018 Thayer Building

    734.647.3153 / aleksh@umich.edu

  • Mikhail Krutikov

    Mikhail Krutikov

    Institute Fellow 2111 Thayer Building

    Spaces of Memory: Imagining the Soviet Past in Post-Soviet Russian Jewish Writing734.763.9047 / krutikov@umich.edu

  • Marian Krzyowski

    Marian Krzyzowski

    Director of Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy
    Lecturer I
    506 E. Libery St.

    20th Century Detroit History, Jewish-Polish Catholic relations in the U.S.734.998.6236 / mjsk@umich.edu

  • Julian Levinson

    Julian Levinson

    Samuel Shetzer Associate Professor of American Jewish Studies 5125 Angell Hall

    American Jewish Studies and Literature; Modern Yiddish Culture; the Bible as Literature734.764.2276 / jlevinso@umich.edu

  • Devi Mays

    Devi Mays

    Assistant Professor 2012 Thayer Building

    Reorienting Imperial Jews: Constantinople at the Crossroads of Jewish Identities734.615.6658 / devimays@umich.edu

  • Joshua Miller

    Joshua Miller

    Associate Professor 3187 Angell Hall

    20th Century Literature, Language studies734.764.5156 / joshualm@umich.edu

  • Regina Morantz-Sanchez

    Regina Morantz-Sanchez

    Professor 1029 Tisch Hall

    Jewish Intermarriage, Acculturation, and Politics in the American Progressive Period, Jewish women and American radicalism, American Jewish History734.763.2296 / reginann@umich.edu

  • Rachel Neis

    Rachel Neis

    Jean and Samuel Frankel Associate Professor of Rabbinic Literature 2506 Haven Hall

    Rabbinic Culture and Jewish Visuality, Ancient Jewish History, Law and Religion734.647.4616 / rneis@umich.edu

  • Anita Norich

    Anita Norich

    Tikva Frymer-Kensky Collegiate Professor
    Executive Committee Member
    3074 Tisch

    Yiddish Literature, Jewish Literature, Literature of the Holocaust734.764.6341 / norich@umich.edu

  • Benjamin Paloff

    Benjamin Paloff

    Assistant Professor 3040 MLB

    Philosophy in/of Literature, Holocaust Literature and the Ethics of Representation734.764.5375 / paloff@umich.edu

  • Shachar Pinsker

    Shachar Pinsker

    Associate Professor
    Executive Committee Member
    4155 Thayer Building

    Modern Hebrew Literature, Modern Jewish Literature, Israel Studies734.764.8103 / spinsker@umich.edu

  • Eileen Pollack

    Eileen Pollack

    Professor 3187 Angell Hall

    Jewish-American Fiction, Memoir and Literature734.764.6574 / epollack@umich.edu

  • Brian Schmidt

    Brian Schmidt

    Associate Professor 3167 Thayer Building

    Hebrew Bible734.647.0069 / bschmidt@umich.edu

  • David Schoem

    David Schoem

    Adjunct Associate Professor 3210 LSA Building

    U.S Jewish Community, Identity, Intergroup Relations, Jewish Education734.615.6847 / dschoem@umich.edu

  • Andrea Siegel

    Andrea Siegel

    Lecturer I

    734.647.8812 / ansiegel@umich.edu

  • Scott Spector

    Scott Spector

    Professor, Executive Committee Member 3204 MLB

    Modern German-Jewish Culture and History734.647.0401 / spec@umich.edu

  • Ryan Szpiech

    Ryan Szpiech

    Associate Professor 4140 MLB

    The Literature of Medieval Iberia, Conversion and Religious Polemic734.647.2334 / szpiech@umich.edu

  • Jindrich Toman

    Jindrich Toman

    Professor 3040 MLB

    734.764.5355 / ptydepe@umich.edu

  • Ruth Tsoffar

    Ruth Tsoffar

    Associate Professor 2233 Lane Hall

    Gender, Ethnicity and Minorities in Literature in Judaism and Israeli Culture734.936.5766 / rtsoffar@umich.edu

  • Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Institute Fellow 2111 Thayer Building

    Border Jews: Between Empires734.763.9047 / jveidlin@umich.edu

  • Zubrzycki profile

    Geneviève Zubrzycki

    Associate Professor 4112 LSA

    Jewish renaissance and non-Jews' interest in things Jewish in contemporary Poland; Polish nationalism, Politics of commemoration in Poland734.764.7501 / genez@umich.edu