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2015–16 Theme: Secularization/Sacralization
Affiliation & Project Titles

  • Jeffrey Abt
    Wayne State University
    “Religious Ceremonials / Museum Artifacts: Rethinking Jewish Ritual Objects”
  • Efrat Bloom
    University of Michigan
    “Walter Benjamin’s Secular Prayer”
  • Marc Caplan
    New York University
    “The Weight of an Epoch: Yiddish Modernism and German Modernity in the Weimar Era”
  • Jessica Dubow
    University of Sheffield
    “Thinking Outside the City Walls: Philosophy, Geography, and the Radicalism of Judaic Thought”
  • Kirsten Fermaglich
    Michigan State University
    “A Rosenberg by Any Other Name”
  • Shaul Kelner
    Vanderbilt University
    “Strategic Sacralization in American Jewish Politics: The Contradictions of Cultural Mobilization in the American Soviet Jewry Movement”
  • Miriamne Krummel
    University of Dayton
    “The Medieval Postcolonial Jew: In and Out of Time”
  • Michael Lowy
    National Center for Scientific Research
    “Secularization/Sacralization in Jewish-German Culture: Kafka, Benjamin, Bloch, Fromm”
  • Ariel Mayse
    Harvard University
    “Expanding the Boundaries of Holiness: Conceptions of the Sacred in Modern Hasidic Spirituality"
  • Eva Mroczek
    Indiana University
    “The Other David: Between the Tanach and the Palmach”
  • Scott Spector (Head Fellow)
    University of Michigan
    “The ‘Secularization Question’: Germans, Jews, and the Historical Understanding of Modernity”
  • Guy Stroumsa
    Hebrew University and University of Oxford
    “The Secularized Study of the Abrahamic Religions in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Genevieve Zubrzycki
    University of Michigan
    “Resurrecting the Jew: Philosemitism, Pluralism, and Secularism in Contemporary Poland”