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Lecture Capture

LSA has a lecture capture system that is integrated into some LSA-ISS supported lecture halls and auditoria. The system captures the microphone’s audio feed and whatever video is presented through the projector. The two streams are combined and a link emailed to the instructor from which she may either download the file or make it available through Ctools.

Recording sessions should be scheduled at least one week in advance through the ISS Lecture Capture Site.

If you have any questions or issues you can email

The following classrooms are Lecture Capture equipped:

Lecture Capture/BlueReview is available in the following Buildings/Rooms Rooms with option to request a video recording, as well as audio and slides*
Angell Hall Auditorium A Yes
Angell Hall Auditorium B Yes
Angell Hall Auitorium C Yes
Angell Hall Auditorium D Yes
Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1200 No
Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1210 No
Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1400 No
Chemistry Bldg. Auditorium 1800 Yes
Weiser 170 No
Weiser 182 No
East Hall Auditorium 1324 Yes
Kraus 2140 (Natural Sciences Auditorium) Yes
Lorch Hall 140 (Askwith Auditorium) Yes
LSA Building 2001 No
Modern Languages Building Aud 3 (Rm 1200) Yes
Modern Languages Building Aud 4 Yes
Undergraduate Sciences Building 1230 No
Undergraduate Sciences Building 1250 No
Undergraduate Sciences Building 2260 Yes
Undergraduate Sciences Building 4153 No

* Videos will included only by request.