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i>clicker is the audience response system supported by the College of LSA, as well as several other colleges at the University.  It is a flexible, reliable, and user-friendly system that can be used to make classes more interactive and engaging by collecting instant feedback from students.  This allows instructors to have a better overall picture of student understanding.  i>clicker is available to use on both Mac and PC platforms and can be integrated with Canvas courses.

Instructional Uses

i>clicker can be used to stimulate discussion, gauge student understanding on lecture material, or conduct paperless quizzes in class.  Research suggests that while using i>clicker to break up a lecture and make sure they are listening can be helpful, larger gains come from the use of devices, like i>clickers, to inspire discussions between students solving complex problems.  We’ve created a guide for more advanced i>clicker usage here. Check it out!  If you would like to discuss the logistics or pedagogical strategies for successfully integrating this technology into your course, email the ISS Learning Technologies & Consulting Group at

There is also excellent pedagogical research on effective clicker response strategies. Check out a few of the articles listed below.

Getting i>clicker Set Up

Get the i>clicker Hardware and Software

All necessary i>clicker materials are available at the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting office, located at 2014 Modern Languages Building.  In addition, a software download is available on our site.  Please be sure to use the software provided by us rather than downloading from the official i>clicker website.  Our versions have been configured to work with Canvas.  Download the i>clicker software.

Make sure you fill out the IF FOUND.txt file on the flash drive.  We suggest adding your name and contact information to the file as soon as possible so that the drive can be easily returned if lost.

Add i>clicker Registration Tool to Your Canvas Course Navigation

In order for students to register their i>clicker remote, you will need to add the i>clicker Registration tool to your course’s navigation menu.  Click here for more information about i>clicker registration.

  1. Login to your Canvas course site. 
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the course navigation menu. 
  3. Click the Navigation tab. 
  4. Find i>Clicker Registration in the bottom list. 
  5. In order to enable the tool, drag and drop i>Clicker Registration from the bottom list to the top list. 
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Using i>clicker in Your Class

  • Basic i>clicker Usage Guide – Complete, step by step guide to setting up the i>clicker software and the basics of using the system in class.
  • Advanced i>clicker Usage Guide – you’ve got the basic down and you want to take your class to a new level, but you’re not sure how. We can help!

Inform Your Students 

Let your students know they will be engaging in class lectures by using i>clicker this term.  Students will need to purchase a student remote from the Computer Showcase. New i>clicker remotes are priced at $39 or used i>clicker remotes can be purchased for $29.

Students will also need to register their i>clicker remote on Canvas by clicking on the i>clicker Registration tool in the course navigation menu.  They will need to enter the 8-character code listed under the barcode on the back of their remote.  We suggest students register their i>clicker on Canvas use the Google Chrome browser, as it has proved to be the most reliable.  If registration has completed successfully, students will see a verification table.