Student Publications

Publications and Conference Papers by Current IPCAA Students (2004-2014)


Andrea Brock

"Coring Survey on Deep Sites: The Case Study of Sant'Omobono."  Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago, IL, January 2-5, 2014.

Dan Diffendale

"Photomodeling Sant'Omobono: Meeting the challenges of topographic documentation in a waterlogged urban environment." Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago, IL, January 2-5, 2014.

"Thoughts on wooden pots and other provocations." Paper presented at Views from the Bottom: Outsiders, Masses, and the Margins in Antiquity, Center for Ancient Studies Graduate Symposium, University of Pennsylvania, March 8, 2014.

(with Jacob Morton) "Investigating the realia of ancient Greek sacrifice: Arrange the firewood and everything that goes on top!" Paper presented at Burn, Burn, Burn! Workshop on experimental cremations for the understanding of archaeological contexts. Uppsala University, May 16, 2014.

Matthew Naglak

"Interrogating Urban Armatures in the Cities of Roman Asia Minor." Paper presented at Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) 2012 Annual Meeting, 30 March 2012.

"Don't Rock the Krater: Moderation and Images of Physical Balance in the Ancient Greek Symposium." Poster presented at Greek Art in Context: An International Conference at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 7-9 April 2014.

"You've Got a Friend in Me: The Principles of De Amicitia in the First Philippic."
Paper presented at Friendship in the Ancient World Conference at City College of New York, 11 April 2014.

Elina Salminen

(with Mika Kajava) "Myrrhine's Ball Revisited", Arctos 47: 243-255. 2013.

Gregory Tucker

"Identity and Ideology in Etruscan Architecture at the Borders of Social Landscapes: The Innovation of New Scales and Forms in the Archaic Period." Paper presented at The 4th Biennial Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference: Innovation in Borderland Regions, University of California - Santa Barbara, 4-6 April 2014.


Laura Banducci

“Burning and flaking? Using fire damage on Roman cooking pots to assess cooking technology.” Fuel and fire in the ancient world. Oxford Roman Economy Project: British School at Rome and Institutum Romanum Finlandiae. Rome, Italy. March 7-9, 2013.

Nicole High-Steskal

S. Ladstätter, "Terrace House 2 in Ephesus: An Archaeological Guide" (Istanbul 2013) - translated from German by Nicole M. High in collaboration with Emma Sachs.

Jenny Kreiger

“Remembering children in the catacomb of Domitilla.” in J. Evans Grubbs and T. Parkin. (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World, 600-624. New York: Oxford University Press.

“The business of commemoration: workshop traditions in the Roman catacombs,” Vandalia: a Symposium about Late Antiquity, U of M, September 2013.

Katherine Larson

“A Network Approach to Hellenistic Sculptural Production,” Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 26(2): 235-260.

"Cosmopolitanism in Fashion and Technology: The case of late Hellenistic mold-made glass pendants," American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting, Baltimore, November 21-23, 2013.

Lynley McAlpine

(upcoming) “Augustan Ideals of Domestic Luxury,” Between Words and Walls: Material and Textual Approaches to Housing in the Graeco-Roman World, Birkbeck, University of London.

“Painted Politics: Ambiguity as Social Strategy in First Century BC Pompeii.” In E. Van der Wilt et al. (eds.), Tough Times: The Archaeology of Crisis and Recovery. Oxford: Archaeopress, BAR International Series, 2013.

“Heirlooms on the Walls: Republican Paintings and Imperial Viewers,” Beyond Iconography II Workshop, Archaeological Institute of America's Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA 2013

Gregory Tucker

"Status Updates of Rome’s Imperial Harbors: Using Public Construction to Contextualize the Changing Significance of the Ports of Central Italy." Paper presented at the Archaeological Institute of America's Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, 3-6 January 2013.

John Wallrodt, Kevin Dicus, Leigh Lieberman, Gregory Tucker, "Beyond Tablet Computers as a Tool for Data Collection: Three Seasons of Processing and Curating Digital Data in a Paperless World," Paper presented at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, Perth, Australia, 25-28 March 2013.

Geoff Emberling, Gregory Tucker, "Altered States: Settlement Networks in the Kingdom of Kush," Paper presented at Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI, 3-7 April 2013.

Gregory Tucker, John Wallrodt, "Rethinking CAD Data Structures — Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia", The CSA Newsletter (Vol. 26, Num. 1, April 2013),


Banducci, Laura

“Fuel, cuisine, and food preparation in Etruria and Latium: Cooking stands as evidence for change.” In Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: the Archaeology and Science of Kitchen Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Proceedings of the 34th Annual British Museum Classical Colloquium 2010. Edited by M. Spataro and A. Villing. Oxford: Oxbow.(forthcoming)

“Ceramic Alteration Analysis on Roman Pottery: Determining Taphonomy, Use, and Function.” At 28th Congress of the Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores: From Broken Pots to Lost Identity in Roman Times. Catania, Italy. September 28, 2012.

“Choosing silence: the boundaries of female voice of Terence’s Eunuchus.” at Feminism and Classics VI: Crossing Borders, Crossing Lines, Brock University, Canada. May 24, 2012.

“The Archaeology of Foodways in Republican Italy.” at Incontri dell’Associazione Internazionale dell’Archeologia Classica: Politica e società nel periodo repubblicano. Rome, Italy. January 16, 2012.

Banducci, Laura and Jason Farr

“Coils over Spoil – Metal-detecting and archaeological interpretation at Gabii.” Poster at Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Frankfurt, Germany. March 29, 2012.

Colburn, Henry

Owls of the Gods: Coin Use in Fourth Century Egypt, in P. McKechnie (ed.), Ptolemy I Soter and the Transformation of Egypt, 404-282 BCE (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).

Art of the Achaemenid Empire and Art in the Achaemenid Empire, in B. Brown and M.H. Feldman (eds.), Critical Approaches to Ancient Near Eastern Art (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, forthcoming).

Connectivity and Communication in the Achaemenid Empire, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (in press).

Holt, Emily

Progetto Pran'e Siddi: Excavating the Origins of a Complex Society in the Sardinian Middle Bronze Age. Presented at Cultural Mobility in Bronze Age Europe, Moesgård Museum, Aarhus, Denmark. June 5-8, 2012.

Kreiger, Jenny

Co authored with A. I. Sullivan and W. Sepponen, “Effective collaborations: the case of the Dominated and Demeaned exhibition,” in S. S. Jandl and M. S. Gold (eds.), A Handbook for Academic Museums: Exhibitions and Education, 356-374. Edinburgh: Museums Etc.

“Remembering children in the Roman catacombs,” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, January 2012.

Landvatter, Tom

“Identity and Burial Practices at Graeco-Roman Abydos: The 2011 Season of the Abydos middle Cemetery project”, at the 2012 meeting of the AIA, January 5-8, Philadelphia.

Larson, Katherine

“Tel Anafa in 2012: A retrospective on the site in antiquity and today.”  Tradition and Transition: Population and Culture in Galilean societies from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine period, Tel Hai University, Kiryat Shemona, Israel.

“Reassessing Hellenistic Sculptural Production: A Network Approach” (poster).   Theory in (Ancient) Greek Archaeology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

“Sign Here: Tracing Spatial and Social Networks of Hellenistic Sculptors.” The Connected Past: People, Networks, and Complexity in Archaeology and History, University of Southampton, Southampton, England.

McAlpine, Lynley

“Imperial Memories of Republican Marble,” Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, University of Western Ontario, 2012

Mokrisova, Jana

On the Move: Migrations and the LBA-EIA Transition in the Southeastern Aegean(poster). Theory in (Ancient) Greek Archaeology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 2012

Tucker, Gregory

Jessica Ogden, Gregory Tucker, Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Kristian Strutt, Simon Keay, Domenico Camardo, and Steven Ellis, "Geophysical prospection in the Vesuvian Cities", in F. Vermeulen, G-J. Burgers, S. Keay and C. Corsi (eds), Urban Landscape Survey in Italy and the Mediterranean, Oxbow, Oxford: 114-125.

Kris Strutt, Simon Keay, Martin Millett, and Gregory Tucker, "The Hinterland of Portus. Integrated Analysis of Geophysical Survey Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery in the Tiber Delta," Paper presented at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, Southampton, UK, 26-29 March 2012.


Banducci, Laura

“The delayed feast: The Festival Context of Plautus’ Pseudolus. Didaskalia 8, 198-206.

Colburn, Henry

Orientalism, Postcolonialism, and the Achaemenid Empire: Meditations on Bruce Lincoln's Religion, Empire and Torture. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 54.2 (2011), 87-103.

Holt, Emily

I Nuragici: Nostri Vicini Di Casa. Presented at The Comune di Siddi Aula Consigliare, Siddi, Sardinia, Italy. Nov. 26, 2011.

Meat consumption, standard of living, and per capita growth in non-elite Pompeii. Presented at the Brown Bag Lecture Series of the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. Jan. 20, 2011.

Landvatter, Tom

“Early Alexandrian Funerary Practices and the Beginnings of  Graeco-Egyptian Identity”, at the conference “Ptolemy I and the Transformation of Egypt 404 – 282 BC” at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, September 2011.

Larson, Katherine

“Experiencing Authenticity or Authenticating Experience? Ancient Animations at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.”  American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, San Francisco.  With Emma Sachs and Margaret Cool Root. 

McAlpine, Lynley

“Marble and Morality in Roman Wall Painting,” History of Art and Architecture 36th Annual Graduate Student Symposium, UC Santa Barbara.

“Painted Politics: Ambiguity as Social Strategy in First Century B.C.E. Pompeii,” Graduate Archaeology at Oxford Annual Conference, University of Oxford.


Banducci, Laura

“Cuisine and food preparation in Etruria and Latium: Cooking stands as evidence for change.” Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: the Archaeology and Science of Kitchen Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean World, 34th British Museum Classical Colloquium, December 16, 2010.

“The delayed feast: Plautus in its festival performance context.” Ancient Drama in Performance: Theory and Practice, Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA, 9 October 2010.

“Discarded Books and Archives in Roman Egypt: Archaeological problems and possibilities at Karanis,” American Philological Association, Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, 6 January 2010

Colburn, Henry and Ryan Hughes

"Movement and Materiality: Mobile Cores and the Archaeology of Political Boundaries." Archaeological Review from Cambridge 25.2 (2010), 43-56.

High, Nicole

"Katalog (Keramik)." (Co-authored with S. Ladstätter) Das Prytaneion in Ephesos, FiE 9, 4, Vienna 2010, 103-172

"Skulpturenausstattung." (Co-authored with M. Steskal) Das Prytaneion in Ephesos, FiE 9, 4, Vienna 2010, 197-209

Holt, Emily

The Role of Rodents in the Disease Ecology of the Ancient City. Presented at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Graduate Workgroup in Archaeology and Material Culture, University of Michigan. Oct. 2, 2010.

Per capita growth in the early Roman Empire: faunal remains from the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia. Presented at the 11th International Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology.

Larson, Kate

"The Ruination of the Athenian Acropoleis." Thinking about Things, graduate student conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, May 2010


Banducci, Laura

"Hot Mama!: Venus Genetrix and the Rrepresentation of Imperial Women," Images of Power in the Greco-Roman World, Graduate Student Conference, Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario.

Button, Seth

(forthcoming) Review of A. Sampson, The Cave of the Cyclops.
Mesolithic and Neolithic Networks in the Northern Aegean, Greece.
Volume I. Intra-site Analysis, Local Industries, and Regional Site Distribution [INSTAP Prehistory Monographs 21]. In Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

Cook, James

“The Graeco-Roman Canals of the Fayum: an Archaeological Investigation,” American Research Center in Egypt Annual Meeting, Dallas, April 25, 2009.

“Rewriting the Nile: Egyptian Tradition and the Formation of a Ptolemaic Dynastic Program,” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, January 10, 2009

Herring-Harrington, Lydia

“Intentional Visibility in the Network of Urban Shrines at Pompeii,” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, January 10, 2009

Holt, Emily

Understanding Sardinia in the Mediterranean Bronze Age: Progetto Pran'e Siddi. The Field Archaeology Series on Thursdays, University of Michigan, Nov. 12, 2009.

Research Design in the Social Sciences and Museums and Research Methods in Archaeology and Anthropology. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Student Seminar, University of Michigan. Sept. 23, Nov. 4, and Nov. 18, 2009.

Mogetta, Marcello

“A New Plan for an Ancient Italian City: Gabii Revealed.” (Co authored with J.A. Becker and N. Terrenato) American Journal of Archaeology 113.4, 2009.

“Grid Cities: Latin Planned Urbanism and Roman Colonial Layouts.” Paper presented at the 8th Roman Archaeology Conference, Ann Arbor, April 3rd 2009.

(forthcoming) “Riti di fondazione. Un deposito votivo dall’area occidentale del santuario.” (Co-Authored with A. Lepone),In E. Curti (ed.). Venere e il porto di Pompei (Atti della giornata di studio, DAI Roma 5. 4. 2006).

Nagel, Alex

"Achromatic Environments in the Ancient Near East, New Research on the Colors of Achaemenid Persepolis," Paper presented at the 110th Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia.

"Aspects of Non-Verbal Communication in Persepolis: The Polychromy of Achaemenid Persian Sculpture, c. 520-330 BCE." Paper presented at the conference Les arts de la couleur en Grèce ancienne .. et ailleurs, at the Ecole Francaise d'Athenes, Greece.

"Colour me Blind: The Colourful Environment of the Achaemenid Courts, c. 520-330 BCE." Paper presented at the conference Living in the Past.
Living Conditions through Time and Space
, University of Oxford, UK.

"Documenting and protecting the colors of Achaemenid Susa: new research on the wall paintings from the 'Chaour' Palace" (co-authored with F. Mohseni, Tehran) Conference "Susa & Elam: Archaeological, Philological, Historical and Geographical Perspectives", Ghent University, December 2009

"Eternal Flames or The End of the Antiquity's Largest Empire - New Evidence from the Hall of Hundred Columns at Achaemenid Persepolis" (co-authored with R. Sheikoleslamy). Paper presented at the conference The End of Ancient Empires, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

"Everlasting Blues: Colour and the Epigraphic Habit in Achaemenid Persia, c. 520-330 BCE." Paper presented at the conference Writing as Material Practice: Surface, Substance and Medium at the University of London, Institute of Archaeology, UK.

"Searching for the Gods at ancient Akarnania: New Evidence from a Ritual Deposit near Stratos," Anodos. Studies of the Ancient World
6-7: 289-297.


Banducci, Laura

"Before the Invention of the Shredder: Discarded Books and Archives in Roman Karanis." What a Waste! Polluting Space, Body, and Mind in the ancient world, Graduate Student Conference, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY

Button, Seth

Index, in W.D. Taylour and R. Janko, "Ayios Stephanos: Excavations at a Bronze Age and Medieval Site in Southern Laconia" [BSA supplement 44]. Athens: British School at Athens.

"Maritime technology and insular connectivity in early Cypriot prehistory." Paper presented at the workshop "Perspectives on Mediterranean Landscapes and Interactions through Time," Cornell University, 25 October 2008.

"Quantifying inter-site economic variability in Neolithic Cyprus." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 30 March, 2008.

Cook, James

“The Coarsewares,” in A. Martin et al. “A Third-Century Context from S. Stefano Rotondo (Rome),” Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 53 (2008): 215-270.

“New Archaeological Approaches to the Study of Graeco-Roman Period Canals in the Fayum Region (Egypt),” Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Meeting, Trent University, May 10, 2008.

McAlpine, Lynley

"Juno Regia and the Imperial Women of the First Century C.E." 2008 annual meeting of the Classical Association of Canada in Montreal

Mogetta, Marcello

“An Etruscan and Roman hilltop Settlement. Excavations at the Torre di Donoratico, Italy (2003-2004)" (co-authored with A. Gallone and D. Sepio) Etruscan Studies 11, 81-95, 2008.

Nagel, Alex

"Coloring the Dead: New Investigations on the History and Polychromatic Appearance of the Tomb of Darius I. at Naqsh-e-Rostam, Fars" (co-authored with H. Rassaz). Paper presented at the conference Death, Burial and the Transition to the afterlife in Arabia and adjacent regions, at the British Museum, London, UK.

"Interpreting the Cult deposit in the Text free zone: The Rhyakos River Plain deposit near ancient Stratos." Paper presented at the international conference. Defining and Interpreting ancient Greek cult deposits in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

"Reading and Decoding Material Culture on the Western Greek mainland: Ancient religions of Stratos as a case study in Akarnania." Paper presented at the conference Perceptions of Polis-Religion: Inside and Outside. A symposium in memory of Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, University of Reading, UK.

"Naqsh-e-Rostam re-visited: New Studies on the Façade of the Tomb of Darius I. and Preliminary Remarks on the Role of Color in Achaemenid Art and Archaeology" (co-authored with H. Rassaz). Paper presented at the 6th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ICAANE) in Rome, Italy.

"Color in Persepolis: New Research on the Polychromy of Achaemenid Sculpture." Paper presented at the 218th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society in Chicago.

"Color in Persepolis. A Preliminary Report on New Research on the Polychromy of Achaemenid Sculpture." Invited guest lecture at the Society of Persian Studies, University of California, Irvine.


Cook, James

“A Guide to the Sites of Ptolemaic, Roman and Late Antique Egypt,” [Review of R. S. Bagnall and D. W. Rathbone (edd.), Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians: An Archaeological and Historical Guide. (Getty Trust Publications; Los Angeles: The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2004).] Journal of Roman Archaeology 20 (2007): 658-9.

Holt, Emily

Ancient Egyptian Design: Then and Now and The Development of the Greek Architectural Orders. Presented at the Introductory Design Class, Carnegie Mellon University, Feb. 2 and 7, 2007.

Fairbairn, A., and Holt, E.  2007. Initial statement on the PARP:PS environmental archaeology program 2006. Rivista di Studi Pompeiani 18.

Mogetta, Marcello

Architecture and Economy in an Early Imperial Settlement in Northern Etruria. (Co-author N. Terrenato) Facta. A Journal of Roman Material Culture Studies 1, 95-112, 2008


Cook, James

“A Roman Coarseware Casserole in the Kelsey Museum,” Bulletin of the University of Michigan Museums of Art and Archaeology 16 (2006): 96-99.

Herring-Harrington, Lydia

"Comparing Two Books on Mesopotamian Archaeology." (Co- authors Elizabeth Boulter and Ilgi Evrim).Ancient Near Eastern Studies 43: 275-287.

Holt, Emily

Sustainable Archaeology: Fresh Perspectives on Current Problems.  Presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

Mogetta, Marcello

Le fasi più antiche del santuario: edifici, riti di fondazione e di abbandono: l’area occidentale, paper presented at “Venere e il porto di Pompei: una giornata di studio”, Day conference held at the DAI Rome.

Nagel, Alexander

"Color on Augustean Sculpture." Lecture at Kalamazoo College, Michigan

“On women festivals and piglets in ancient Tegea, Peloponnese." Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science and Humanities: The Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Classical Archaeology in Boston, eds. Amy Brauer, Caroll Mattusch, Alice Donohue. Oxford:Oxbow


Mogetta, Marcello

Latina via: VII miglio. in A. La Regina, Lexicon topographicum urbis Romae: Suburbium, v. 3, ed. V. Fiocchi Nicolai, M. G. Granino Cecere, Z. Mari, Rome: Quasar, 195-202

La ripresa delle esplorazioni e degli scavi nel santuario italico di Vastogirardi (IS), in D. Caiazzo (ed.), Italica Ars. Studi in onore di Giovanni Colonna per il premio I Sanniti. (Co-author M. Pagano, A. Ceccarelli, A. D’Andrea, D. Monaco, M. Raddi, D. Sepio, D. Wicks), Piedimonte Matese: Arti Grafiche Grillo, 451-506

Nagel, Alexander

“Filling Black holes in Arkadia: A rural sanctuary of Demeter and Kore near Tegea, Peloponnese.” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Boston.

“Caution: Wet Paint – Archaeologists discover the colour of ancient Greece and Rome.” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the Michigan Junior Classical League.


Cook, James

“Ancient Identities and the Choice of Archaeological Research Subjects in Modern Tunisia,” in Politics and Archaeology: Issues of Interaction. Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 3, 2004.

Nagel, Alexander

“Demeter and Kore at ancient Tegea.” The Classical Association Conference, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

“Greek sculpture in Roman times. The garden of Herodes Attikus in Loukou, Peloponnese.” University of California at Davis, invited guest lecture.

“Apolausis in Arkadia. The sculptural assemblage of the villa of Herodes Attikus in Loukou, Peloponnese.” University of California at Berkeley, guest lecture.

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