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Prospective Students

HSSP Program Requirements

All HSSP freshmen participate in the following academic and community-based activities:

  • Enroll in HSSP's two-semester core course, ALA 105 and 109 (Perspectives on Health and Health Care, I and II)
  • Actively participate in HSSP programs and activities
  • Participate in weekly programming committee meetings
  • Schedule and attend observations hosted by practicing health science professionals
  • Abide by all HSSP community standards, including University Housing's guidelines on substance-free living spaces
  • Promote a positive community experience for all HSSP students
  • Participate in Summer Orientation and Welcome Week activities
  • Schedule individual meetings with HSSP Pre-Health Advisor to discuss academic progress and career goals

Summer Orientation

During Summer Orientation, incoming HSSP students complete their respective academic units' orientation programs (e.g., LSA, Nursing, Kinesiology, Engineering, and Music). On the second evening of Summer Orientation, new students meet a current HSSP student at the Michigan Learning Community session in order to learn about program opportunities and responsibilities.

HSSP students register for ALA 105 (Perspectives on Health and Health Care) in the fall (Thursday, 4-6 pm). Students will also register for one of six ALA 105 discussion sections.