Honors Major Advisors

Honors major advisors are faculty members from the departments and programs that work with our office to complete Honors majors, providing advice about their fields more knowledgeable and specialized than of general advisors. Because they approve major plans in their programs and departments, they have the most up-to-date information about these requirements. 

Honors major advisors:

  • admit students to departmental Honors majors.
  • serve as academic advisors for upper-class students enrolled in departmental Honors programs.
  • work with individual students to develop coherent major plans.
  • oversee the progress of all Honors students in their respective departments.
  • complete the Honors Major Release Form for graduation.

Prior to consulting a major advisor, students should carefully read the program information in the LSA Bulletin. Following, they should schedule an appointment with the Honors major advisor for questions about requirements, admission, individual academic advising, and advice about career opportunities. A list of departmental Honors major advisors (with office hours, phone numbers, and office addresses) is available in the Honors office.