Advising Hours

Academic advisors help to connect the academic experience to the liberal arts experience. Whether you are pre-med, studying history and romance languages, or preparing a thesis in a social science, you will find the assistance you need.

If you require Honors Academic Board information, members are indicated by the HAB designation.  HAB meets each Monday morning; your Petition is due by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday for consideration the next week.

List of Advisors

Dr. Donna Wessel Walker (dlww)
English; French; Religion; Environmental Studies; HAB

Gayle Green (greengd)
Interdisciplinary Public Policy Studies,Social Sciences, HAB

Henry Dyson (hdyson)
Philosophy; Classical Studies; Honors Housing; Honors Scholarships & Grants, HAB

Stephanie Chervin (schervin)
Natural and Physical Sciences, Pre-med, Pre-health, HAB

John CantĂș (jcantu)
Philosophy; Film & Video; Art History; Political Theory, HAB

Mary Shelly Mageski (mlshelly)
Pre-law Student, MDDP Program