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About Us

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is a four-year program that provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Through Honors courses, research with faculty, and a vigorous intellectual community that includes Honors faculty fellows, this highly-ranked academic program enables students to identify their intellectual interests and to pursue them deeply. 

Honors Curriculum

Through the Honors Program's wide range of curriculum, student will experience challenging courses in almost every department, with majors in every field in LSA. During their first two years, students will participate in an Honors Core course from the areas of Natural Science (NS), Social Science (SS), and the Humanities (H). In addition, the Course Guide reflects Honors courses in a wide variety of departments and Honors Student Study Groups. We offer seminars, courses, and direct involvement with faculty from the start of students' lives at Michigan. (See more regarding Honors Curriculum here.)

In their final two years at U-M, students who graduate with Honors all participate in a capstone project by writing a thesis in their area of major. Students meet regularly with a thesis advisor from the major department, as well as receiving guidance in their regular Honors advising appointments. Current students and alumnus, alike, share that this project is a defining moment, preparing them for graduate schools and careers.

All theses are published by our department in U-M's Deep Blue archives, which are shared around the world with others involved in scholarly pursuit.

Honors Community

A vibrant community, no single experience unites all Honors students, yet all are connected through a wide range of activities that enable students to choose what interests them. The Perlman Honors Commons is an intellectual hub, located on the ground floor of Mason Hall (above the Honors offices) where students and faculty come together for study, conversation, and a variety of intellectual and cultural events in truly beautiful surroundings. Frequent "Lunch with Honors" (see the Events page for details) gives our students direct contact with many of the remarkable people who visit the University. Organized by the Honor's Resident Advisors (HRAs), you will find students attending musicals, sports events, and visiting coffee hours.  Faculty Fellows engage Honors students in a wide variety of ways outside of formal classes. There's something for everyone and all are invited.