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LSA students are encouraged to be actively involved in shaping their undergraduate experience using and integrating the many academic advising resources provided across the College. From general advising to pre-professional advising, from peer advising to major and minor advising in various academic departments, programs, and centers, LSA provides students with an extensive range of advising opportunities. Enhanced student engagement is a critical component of the undergraduate experience championed by LSA. Central to student engagement are intentional efforts dedicated to creating a sense of academic community within which undergraduates can develop mentoring relations with academic advisors, program staff, peers, faculty, and others throughout the College. Additionally, given the broad-range of advising opportunities available to students, LSA Student Academic Affairs provides an extensive and dynamic set of advising tools to help students and advisors plan viable educational goals and to track the respective progress to degree of students in LSA. Through this multi-faceted approach, students are able to identify and formalize specific academic plans that will enable them to reach their personal educational goals.

Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center serves LSA undergraduates by: Helping them make informed decisions about educational goals and LSA curriculum. Furnishing them an opportunity to explore the purposes of a liberal arts...

LSA Peer Academic Advising Office (PAAO)

The LSA Peer Academic Advising Office, staffed completely by undergraduates, offers a unique, comfortable atmosphere in which to obtain relevant academic information.

Comprehensive Studies Program

The Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) is a Michigan Learning Community that is an academic unit within the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and which offers a variety of academic support services, including...

LSA Honors Program

LSA Honors students receive academic advising from the Honors Program. Honors students go to Honors advising when registering for courses, adjusting their course schedules, submitting petitions...

Residential College Academic Advising

RC advisors are RC faculty members and are available to meet with students to discuss RC and LSA requirements, possible majors, graduation requirements, etc.

Department Advising

In addition to guiding students' progress in the departmental or program curriculum, department advisors also play a key role in creating opportunities beyond the classroom for majors to ...

Office of Advising Technology

Staff in the Advising Technology area support the conduct of academic advising both within the LSA Advising Center and across the College.

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