Tom Weisskopf

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Tom Weisskopf

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Office Location(s): 1610 East Quad

  • Fields of Study
    • Political Economy
      Comparative Economic Systems and Institutions
  • About

    Professor Weisskopf's early research focused on issues of third world development and underdevelopment, with particular attention to India. In the late 1970s, his research interests shifted to the macroeconomic problems of advanced capitalist economies; among other things, he undertook studies of trends in productivity growth and profitability from a neo-Marxian political-economic perspective. In the 1990s he worked primarily on problems of economic transition and institutional development in the formerly socialist economies of the East, concentrating especially on the interaction between political and economic change in Russia. More recently he has been working on the analysis and evaluation of affirmative action in higher education, especially in the comparative context of the United States and India.

  • Education
    • PhD, MIT, 1966
  • Curriculum Vitae