BGS ’80 Econ
Senior Vice President
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Darnell D. Jackson is currently a Senior Vice President with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Managing Partner of the Jackson Group.  

The Jackson Group specializes in marketing public and corporate finance debt; public and private retirement plans; the construction of customized defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans and retirement plan asset management including administrative oversight for short-contract executives, entertainers, ultra-successful entrepreneurs and medical practice specialist.  The Jackson Group is a fully integrated team of financial services professionals with extensive non-profit, foundation, and endowment and estate planning experience. The Jackson Group was formed in 1994 and is structured to produce superior service, planning based financial results, benchmarked goals, suitable recommendations, and full disclosure.  

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in March of 2009, Jackson spent over 25 years with Merrill Lynch. The Jackson Group has over 50 years of collective financial services experience and has been responsible for more than 9.5 billion dollars of Senior Managed public and corporate finance projects in Southeastern Michigan, including the Ford Field Foot-ball Stadium and the new Metropolitan Detroit Airport.  

Jackson has served as a national media spokesperson and has been featured on radio, in print, and television, as well as receiving numerous honors.

Jackson’s extensive community involvement includes many organizations such as Hartford Headstart Agency, Cornerstone Schools, New York Stock Exchange Hearings Board, and NAACP-Life member.

Jackson did post graduate studies at the University of Detroit and successfully completed the Wharton School of Business Executive Training Program. He has been married for 32 years and has two daughters, Kristian and Kelly.