AB ’68 Econ and Spanish Lit
PhD ’76 Econ
Professor of Economics and Former Interim Dean, Graduate School
Howard University

Dr. Charles L. Betsey is professor of economics and co-director of the Center on Race and Wealth at Howard University where he formerly served as interim dean of the Graduate School.  His recent publications include “Black-White Differences in Consumption: An Update and Some Policy Implications” an article in honor of former Northwestern University economist Marcus Alexis and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Transaction Press).  His current research interests include consumption behavior and wealth accumulation of African Americans, and pay and compensation policies in various labor markets, including the market for college faculty.


Dr. Betsey began his career as a Labor Economist in the Office of Economic Opportunity, Executive Office of the President, where he served from 1971 to 1973.  He has served in research and/or policy positions in all three branches of the federal government.