Peter van Keken

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Peter van Keken


Office Location(s): 4502 CC Little
Phone: 734.764.1497
Fax: 734.763.4690

  • About

    Our group studies the dynamics of the Earth's mantle. We focus on the processes that create subduction zones and hot spots, and study how plate tectonics governs the long-term thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth. We use high resolution computer models to predict dynamical behavior and test those models in collaborative and interdisciplinary work with researchers who specialize in observational and experimental geophysics and geochemistry. Examples of recent projects that were funded by the National Science Foundation include the 3D dynamics of subduction zones in the Pacific; seismological imaging of mantle plumes; generation of mantle heterogeneity by recycling of oceanic crust; and advanced modeling of melt migration in subduction zones.

  • Education
    • MS, Utrecht University, 1989
    • PhD, Utrecht University, 1993