Bruce Wilkinson

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Bruce Wilkinson

Professor, Emeritus

Phone: 315.443.3869

  • Fields of Study
    • Sedimentary geology, ancient lacustrine and marine carbonates
  • About

    Research Interests

    Professor Wilkinson conducts research in the field of sedimentary geology with emphasis on modern and ancient carbonate sequences. Recent effort has focused on questions about the chemical evolution of Phanerozoic carbonates as records of past atmospheric-hydrospheric systems, on quantification of global cycling rates of sedimentary components at the Earth's surface, and on problems concerning the relative importance of stochastic versus periodic processes during the accumulation of seemingly cyclic peritidal carbonate sequences. He likes limestones a lot.

  • Education
    • B.S. - The University of Wyoming 1965
    • M.S. - The University of Wyoming 1967
    • Ph.D. - The University of Texas 1974