Jeroen Ritsema

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Jeroen Ritsema

Associate Chair for Curriculum

Office Location(s): 4506 CC Little
Phone: 734.615.6405

  • Fields of Study
    • Global geophysics and earthquake seismology
  • About

    Jeroen Ritsema's research involves the analysis of seismic waves to image Earth's interior. This research involves both global scale seismic tomography of the mantle, and the modeling of anomalous signals in broadband recordings.

    Projects include:

    • modeling of regional wave with mineralogical models of the upper mantle
    • interrogation of seismic tomography with 3D synthetics
    • global analysis of wave amplitudes and wave focusing in the heterogeneous mantle
    • NARS-Baja: seismic analysis of the Gulf of California rift.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Geophysics, University of California Santa Cruz , 1995
    • M.Sc. (equiv.) Geophysics, University of Utrecht, 1988