Postcards from the Field 2013

GIGL in the Field, July 2013

First glimpse of Greenland!This summer our tight-knit team of diverse seasoned field glaciologists, a microbiologist, and a photo-journalist are heading to Kalaallit Nunaat (or Greenland) in the latest field expedition planned by Professor Aciego – to embark on five weeks of intense sampling, travel and exploration of some of Greenland’s receding (and some advancing) glaciers located in Narsarsuaq, Iluissat, Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk and Kulusuk.


Rich Fiorella and Clay Tabor in Bolivia, May 2013

Clay Tabor and Rich Fiorella downloading climate data from a meteorological station near Gran Chocaya, Bolivia. We've had a climate station installed there since 2008 or so.