Henry Pollack "World Without Ice" Installation March 26-28, 2014

World Without Ice
An Installation by Henry Pollack, Michael Gould, and Stephen Rush

Henry Pollack, geophysicist and photographer, Professor Emeritus, U-M Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Michael Gould and Stephen Rush, sculptors and composers, U-M School of Music Theater and Dance

Professor Emeritus Henry Pollack's photographs are featured in an installation at the Duderstadt Video Studio on the U-M North Campus. Named for Pollack's recent book A World Without Ice, it is an immersive piece in the Duderstadt Center Video Studio. Pollack was a contributing author to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report.

Pollack's landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic are accompanied by music and hung domes of ice that drip onto drums, amplified with contact microphones. This “installation/performance” piece helps the audience experience Global Warming through sight, sound, and temperature. Gould/Rush perform their score to the dripping on hand percussion, crotales, piano, and retro-synths. The result is beautiful, painful, filled with sorrow (for the planet) and joy (the music and visuals are beautiful, even “pretty”).

The installation is featured on the March U-M Montage website. The North Campus performance is a prelude to the artists' ArtPrize entry for the Fall of 2014 in Grand Rapids.