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Women's Studies Major

The Women’s Studies major seeks to:

  • provide majors with an understanding of the interdisciplinary scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality and to train them in interdisciplinary methods
  • offer theoretical and practical approaches to feminist thinking cross the disciplines
  • encourage comparative thinking through coursework that explores the multicultural and global nature of feminist scholarship
  • train majors to think analytically by teaching them to read and write critically.
  • provide supporting skills and contexts for the study of women through the cognate requirement
  • encourage intellectual and academic breadth through a cognate requirement

We asked our alumni what they are doing now here is a list of their jobs.


Donna Ainsworth is the Women's Studies advisor for spring/summer terms. To make an advising appointment to discuss courses and/or your progress please email

If you have a quick advising question, please email

Students may declare the Women's Studies major at any time. There are no prerequisites required to declare.

Questions? Email