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The purpose of departmental advising is to help you to formulate and reach your own educational goals while also making sure that you understand the objectives and requirements of the major or minor.

A general LSA advisor (located in 1255 Angell Hall, phone 734.764.0332) deals with general LSA degree requirements (those that do not depend on your choice of major), while a departmental  advisor deals with the requirements specific to a given major or minor. Thus, if you have questions about your distribution or race & ethnicity courses, you should see a general advisor, but if you are concerned about your cognates, required courses, or allowable substitutes in your major or minor, you’ll need to see a departmental advisor.

Women's Studies Advising Appointments

Donna Ainsworth, Prof. Allison Alexy and Prof. Wang Zheng are the Women's Studies advisors for winter 2017 term. To make an advising appointment to discuss courses and/or your progress please click the button at the top of this page. If you have a quick advising question please email

Walk-in advising

Walk-in advising hours are Thursdays, 9am-12noon when classes are in session in 1122 Lane Hall, 204 S. State St. (corner of Washington.)

General LSA Advising