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The Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate Program is administered by Rackham Graduate School. Click here for additional information regarding Rackham Graduate Certificate policies and procedures.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Certificate Program. Still have additional questions? Email

How do I apply?

Complete the Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate application, and electronically submit the documents to Rachel Miller, Academic Program Specialist. 

Click here to access the application.

Is there an application deadline?

Yes, The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science has fall and winter semester application deadlines. For more information, see here.

Can a class from another institution count towards the certificate program?

No, only classes taken at UM will count towards the certificate. Transfer credit is not accepted. See Rackham Graduate Certificate policies here.

What is the process for getting courses not currently a part of the curriculum approved for the certificate?

The graduate-level courses must be approved by Rackham (appear on Wolverine Access), and the courses must be approved by the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science Executive Committee.

To petition for a graduate-level course to count towards the Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate Program, please electronically submit the following information to Rachel Miller:

  • Course name and number
  • Course description
  • Historical syllabus
  • 1-2 paragraph statement explaining why the course should count towards the certificate program.

Do courses for the certificate need to be completed within a certain time frame?

Students need to have coursework completed for the certificate within 4 years of being accepted to the program. 

Can I take a class pass/fail?

Yes. Students must receive at least a B (3.0 on a 4.0 point scale), or S (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) in any course counted towards certification.

Can previously completed courses count towards the requirements?

Yes, courses taken within 4 years of admission to the Certificate Program can count towards the curriculum requirements.