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Supported Video Formats

AEM has the capability to support MiVideo, Vimeo, Wowza, and YouTube. Below you'll find information on how to implement each of these components on your AEM websites.


If you would like to host a MVideo on your website, please submit a ticket to Web Services.  The capability is available but administrative access is needed. You will need to provide the MIVideo iFrame embed code in your ticket/email. More information regarding MiVideo.


The External component located in the Sidekick will accomodate hosting Vimeo videos.  You will need to place the video URL into the first field in the component.


There is a component specifically for Wowza located in the Sidekick. To request streaming services for your event, contact LSA ISS. They will provide you with the URI code that you will need. Once you have this code, click and drag the Wowza Component onto the page. Double click on the component to open the dialogue box. This is where you add the URI code.  More information regarding the Wowza streaming capabilities.


There is a component specifically for YouTube located in the Sidekick.  The YouTube Identifier is text that follows “v=” in YouTube URL. You can also disable Related Videos from displaying.