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Admitted Students

Can I switch form being a Credit Student to a Work-Study Student?

In order to use your work-study funding:

  1. You need to make sure you have Work-Study allocated to your Financial Aid Package via Wolverine Access.  Please make sure you’ve been offered work-study and you have ACCEPTED ITUROP does not administer the Work –study Program.  If you did not apply for work-study, don’t know if you have work-study or are interested in receiving work-study funding, you will need to contact the UM Financial Aid Office.   You can also get more information on Work-study through the UM Financial Aid Office Website.
  2. If you have confirmed that you have A Work-Study Grant, then email and request that we change our records on how you wish to participate in the program.

How Work Study Students Participate in UROP:

UROP students will be employed by UROP and will receive an hourly wage of $8.50 for the hours worked on the research project. Only hours worked on the project may be submitted on timesheets for payment.  Activities related to the research seminar (attendance at seminars, work on assignments, projects and individual meetings with Peer Advisors) may not be submitted on time sheets for payment!

Work Study participants will register for 1 academic credit of UC280.001. Students will register for this course after finding a research project and submitting the UROP Learning Agreement Contract. Credit is earned by attending a bi-weekly research seminar where a variety of research issues are explored, completing journal and reading assignments, having individual monthly meetings with their UROP Peer Advisor, and completing a term project.  A detailed syllabus for this course with complete information about topics, assignments, etc. will be available on the UROP Peer Instructor’s CTools website after a student has been admitted and placed in a peer group.

Steps Student Needs to Do in Order to Receive Work Study:

In order to use your work-study funding, there are several steps you must take.  One is filling out a Form I-9, which is required by all University of Michigan employees (both citizen and non-citizen) and The Department of Homeland Security.  It documents you are authorized to work in the United States and also establishes your effective working start date at the university in our program.   YOU will be asked to fill out the Form 1-9 at one of the Work-Study Enrollment Workshops which you are required to attend.                           

It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all University policies, regulations and guidelines as well as the regulations established by UROP. Therefore, please take the following steps to ensure you are hired:

When do I register for UROP credits?

You will not be able to register for UC280 until you find a project and know how many hours per week the project requires you to work. The average number of credit hours UROP students enroll in will be 3 credit hours. Therefore, do not register for more than 15 credit hours of other courses or 3 courses.  Work-study participants will register for 1 credit hour of UC280 once they find a project.  We still do not recommend that work-study students register for more than 15 credits, as the UROP program is a major time commitment.  The project search process will begin in the Fall, so for now all you can do is plan your schedule accordingly.

Can I do UROP just for one Term?

Students are expected to commit to a full academic year’s participation in UROP to receive the most benefit from the program.  Once a student is admitted to the program in Fall Term, that student is expected to stay throughout the entire year.  Failure to do so would result in an incomplete for the program which could affect a student’s GPA and/or academic standing. 

What Professor or Project will I work with?

Students do not find research projects until after they are admitted into UROP, the semester starts, and they have meet their UROP Advisors at the September Enrollment Seminar.

UROP students will then be able to apply to projects listed under the discipline they selected in their application. Students are encouraged to look broadly for projects and to keep an open mind when perusing the project listings. Many of the projects can be cross-listed and/or listed under more than one type of discipline. For more information regarding the different research disciplines, please visit our Sample Projects Section of our web site.

Do you still have questions not answered here?

If you have a question that was not answered here, then you can email us at or call the office at 734-615-9000