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UROP Mentor Application and Requirements

The Research Mentor project application for Fall 2017  - Winter 2018 is now open! Click here to submit your project. Applications submitted by September 6th will have the largest pool of applicants.

Our short and easy to complete application asks you to provide a half page description of the overall project (goals, objectives, and methodology), student tasks and responsibilities, minimum qualifications, number of hours per week, and  contact information for setting up interviews in the fall. You will interview candidates in September.

Application components:

Designing A Project

Your project should be designed to be completed by UROP student(s) working on the project 6 - 12 hours a week during the academic year (September - April). It can be part of a larger project, a pilot project, or be designed to provide preliminary data for future research, scholarly or creative projects.

To help you get a pool of applicants who would be a good fit for your project, we recommend that you be specific in describing the student tasks, responsibilities and necessary qualifications.  UROP offers skill-building workshops to all UROP students so a student who does not possess a specific skill at the beginning of the semester has the opportunity to learn it while working on your project. The application includes a list of workshops.


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