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Sample Projects

The research project is central to the UROP experience; therefore, we offer a wide variety of research projects.  Admitted UROP students will have access to our available projects after their Mandatory Enrollment Seminar in early September and may apply to projects listed under the discipline they selected in their application.  Students are encouraged to look broadly for projects and to keep an open mind when perusing the project listings.  Many of the projects can be cross-listed and/or listed under more than one type of discipline.  One of the most important aspects our students take into consideration when looking for a project is the types of skills to be gained overall and the work environment. Many students choose projects which they think will compliment their academic interests, coursework and career aspirations.

All schools, colleges, and affiliated entities and units of the University of Michigan are active participants in UROP, thereby providing a wealth of research topics from which a student can choose from.  In general, research topics can be found in the following areas:

Click on the disciplines below to see just a small sample of projects that were available to UROP students in the past. *Coming Soon