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The Miscellaneous Publications, Occasional Papers and many other publications are free to download. For those able to make a donation in support of the Museum of Zoology we would be most appreciative.

The Bird papers mostly deal with birds of Michigan and Central America. If you are interested in obtaining any of these, please see the Ordering Information page. 

2002 Supplement to Bibliography of North American Minor Natural History Serials in the University of Michigan Libraries (1954), By M. H. Underwood. Note: original bibliography is available from UMMZ Publications office.

A Checklist of Michigan Birds PDF checklist with annotations on abundance and season.

A Distributional Checklist of the Birds of Michigan, on-line1986 revision of R. B. Payne UMMZ Misc. Publ. No. 164, 1983, which is out of print; other publications by staff and students at the Museum of Zoology are available, see above.

American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of Birds The official list in taxonomic order of all birds found in North and Central America (1998 edition with all the recent splits and new species)

Birds of North America (on-line version) These individual species accounts describe current knowledge of all the species of North American birds. Over 700 have been published. Individual hard copy issues available from Buteo Books (see dealers list below). The series was completed in 2002.

Book dealers for used and out of print bird books

Bird Books for sale Out of print books and museum publications available Library duplicates and donations from Wilson Society members

Natural History Book Service (mail order new books from England - have lots of European publications)

National Library for the Environment(On-line free environmental reference materials, journals, conferences, job opportunities)

Absearch, Inc. (CD-ROM or Searchable Databases on the Internet on Fisheries, Ornithology, Mammals, Wildlife, and Natural Resources. See web page for prices.)