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Water and the Formative Homesteaders of Central Yucatán

Thursday, January 22, 2015
12:00 AM
Room 2009 Ruthven Museums Building

Today we recognize Maya cities by their plazas and platforms, but long before these monuments were constructed, what attracted and oriented early settlers? How would first-comers have decided where to build their houses? And what consequences did these early decisions have for later development? I will address these questions by exploring the relationship between shared water resources and initial settlement aggregation at the Maya site of Yaxuná, Yucatán. Using data from research conducted in 2014, I will present preliminary findings on (1) the patterns of house placement as they relate to initial urbanization at the site, and (2) the possibility of waterhole-centric neighborhoods at Yaxuná and its nearby satellite site of Tzacauil.

Chelsea Fisher, Doctoral Candidate, University of Michigan, Department of Anthropology,Museum of Anthropological Arch