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What lies beneath: Recent magnetometry survey at a pre-Inka village in Cusco (400 - 100 BC) by Dr. Allison Davis, Oberlin College

Thursday, February 9, 2012
12:00 AM
Ruthven Museums Building Room 2009

My dissertation excavations uncovered elements of ceremonial architectural at Yuthu that aligned with lakes, mountains, and glacial peaks. These structures and the activities carried out within them demonstrate that group identity at was enacted in ritual and was related to the sacred landscape. With limited time and funds, I have not yet been able to excavate enough of the platform to determine the total number and layout of structures. I am currently working with Tim Horsley, an archaeological geophysicist, to identify buried features using magnetometry. This noninvasive technique will create a map of the entire site much faster than excavation and at a lower cost. Knowing the number and layout of structures will allow me to determine whether shared identity was conceived of at a lineage, moiety, or community level.