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Archaeological Site List by County


Site# Site Name Period(s) Entry Last Updated 20AA Historic, Prehistoric 2/6/89 20AA Prehistoric 2/6/89 20AA Prehistoric 2/6/89 20AA Prehistoric 2/6/89 20AA Prehistoric 2/6/89 20AA109 No Prize Prehistoric, Paleoindian 1/30/90 20AA110 Simmons Creek Prehistoric, Archaic 1/30/91 20AA112 Robb Prehistoric, Archaic, Woodland, M-Woodland, L-Woodland 2/7/89 20AA113 Gordon McVeigh Prehistoric, Woodland, L-Woodland 2/7/89 20AA13 Lost Pine Island Prehistoric, Archaic 1/30/91 20AA141 Allyn's Camp Prehistoric, Archaic 12/5/91 20AA170 Armstrong Farm Prehistoric, L-Woodland 3/14/95 20AA22 Scott Prehistoric, Woodland, L-Woodland 2/3/95 20AA27 Gaging Station Historic, Prehistoric, Archaic, Woodland 3/28/90 20AA5 Glennie Enclosure Prehistoric, Woodland 2/6/89 20AA5 Mikado Earthworks Prehistoric, Woodland, L-Woodland 2/6/89 20AA54 Black River Cache Prehistoric, Woodland, L-Woodland 3/28/90 20AA69 Beaver Lake Prehistoric 1/30/91 20AA72 Lost Lake 6 Historic 2/7/89 20AA75 Lost Lake 9 Prehistoric 1/30/91 20AA81 Beck Prehistoric 2/7/89 20AA89 Churchill Point Prehistoric, Woodland, L-Woodland 3/28/90 20AA94 T. Neff Prehistoric 3/28/90 20AA96 Johns Prehistoric, Woodland 3/28/90 20AA99 Goat Lady Site Historic, Prehistoric, Archaic,Woodland 3/28/90

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