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Course Proposal FAQs

How do I start?

Our course proposal process is a conversational one with the proposal being just the first or second step. You are welcome to contact Program Manager Alicia Farmer to discuss your ideas, or you may just want to submit a proposal and develop it with feedback from the Steering Committee. Either way, we anticipate meetings between the committee and the applicant to arrive at a mutually-satisfactory proposal.


Do I have to create a new course? Can I create a new course?

No, you do not have to create a new class. But yes, you may if you wish. Either way, the field component at the Biological Station will be new and this is what we are seeking.

What will it cost students?

There are no additional costs associated with FSEA classes in our proposed model. Credits for the segment taught at the Station will be included with the semester in which the Ann Arbor portion of the class takes place. Scholarship funds will cover students' room and board at the Biological Station.

What incentives exist for faculty?

Faculty will be involved not only with teaching their class, but also with our grant evaluation process. Depending on their level, this program will cover a "summer ninth" for tenure track faculty, and a spring or summer appointment for lecturers. All instructors will be involved not only with teaching their class, but also with our program evaluation process.

When is the deadline to submit my proposal?

We accept proposals on a rolling basis. Because the course proposal is the beginning of a conversation, please plan on it taking at least a semester to go from proposal to confirmed course.

How many credits will my class be worth?

One of the things we will discuss with you is how to give credit for the portion of your class that takes place at UMBS. We envision most classes running through the faculty member's home department.

Credits, and how they are awarded, will depend on:

  • whether every student in the Ann Arbor portion of the class will participate in the UMBS "add on."
  • the provisions your home department has for experimental/temporary courses.
  • the guidelines your school or college has for assigning credit hours.