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Spring and Summer Term Field Courses

The University of Michigan Biological Station is embarking on two new initiatives this summer to offer our students the chance to study nationally-relevant and important ecological issues. We’ll be hosting a “Pollinators” theme semester, including a Summer Lecture Series of pollinator experts from around the country, and several field courses will investigate the possible effects of dam removal.

POLLINATORS: Our 2017 Theme at UMBS

This year, we'll be having a theme semester investigating pollinators and their essential role in sustainable food systems, agriculture, and the environment. 


If you enroll in Biology of Insects or General Ecology, you can have the chance to do a combined, intensive class project about pollinators. Learn from our esteemed faculty this summer to become a pollinator expert!

DAM REMOVAL: A Hot Environmental Topic We'll Explore

If dams are more of interest to you, we’re also focusing on a new initiative to have our students conduct an unprecedented cross-disciplinary scientific study looking at potential removal of the Maple River Dam.


The dam, which is located near the U-M Biological Station, is slated to come down in 2018.

Join us this summer to study the ecosystems, fish, insects, vegetation, and endangered and invasive species that live there before the dam comes down. Then, once it’s removed, you can return in 2018 to help lead the scientific study team investigating the after effects!


Be a part of this innovative team and develop marketable and practical skills in a rapidly growing environmental field!

Course Information

Classes at UMBS are offered to students from any college or univeristy in a 4-week spring session (Spring) and an 8-week summer session (Summer). Field classes meet for an entire day at a time, typically between breakfast and dinner. Some classes (e.g. Biology of Birds) start before breakfast and finish in the early afternoon. Others (e.g. Biology of Fishes or Field Mammology) may occasionally meet in the evening or even overnight. These extended class periods give you a chance to visit and learn about sites in Northern Michigan, collecting data or running small experiments there. 

Application, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

To apply for any of the classes below, Follow this link to our application. Return the completed application to our Ann Arbor office at 2541 Chemistry. We accept applications from students at any college or university. UMBS is not only for University of Michigan students.


There is NO DEADLINE TO APPLY for classes. We accept applications on a rolling basis until classes fill. We do have a March 31 deadline for financial aid and scholarship priority consideration. Students may apply for need-based aid after that date, but we can't guarantee that funds will be available.

Spring Classes

May 21 - June 17, 2017

Students take one of these classes. Each class is 5 credits and meets 5-6 days per week.

Summer Classes

June 24 - August 19, 2017

Students take two of these classes. Each class is 5 credits and meets 2-3 days per week.