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Florilegium: Creating a Plant Compendium - ARTDES 300

The Ann Arbor Class

You are invited to create a florilegium (from Latin: to gather), a collection of drawings and paintings of plants and flowers found near the U-M Biological Station. The final format will be a book of original work from field observations, study and studio work.

You will will use your notes, sketches and photographs from the Biological Station to develop your own florilegium. Field observations from the Biological Station will be supplemented with field trips to the U-M Herbarium and other resources to continue work on your illustrations.

We will learn about book making from a practitioner and create a format with which to display our illustrations and natural history notes.






Credits: 3

Meets: Fall Semester (September 5 - December 21, 2017)

Location: U-M Ann Arbor Campus

Instructor: Cathy Barry

The UMBS Extension

Students electing this 1-credit extension will spend a week (August 19-26) at the University of Michigan Biological Station before classes begin in Ann Arbor. You will be in the field, identifying and drawing/painting plants, as well as taking notes on their biology.

You will receive drawing and painting instruction from the class instructor, Cathy Barry, and information about local plants from a UMBS botanist.

Note: Students will enroll for this 1-credit extension in fall 2017 semester. Those students for whom the additional credit will result in increased tuition should contact the instructor or the Transforming Learning Program Manager to discuss other registration options. The extension should not cost extra tuition for any participants. Room and board at the Biological Station is covered as part of the class. 






Credits: 1

Meets: August 19-26, 2017

Location: U-M Biological Station

Instructor: Cathy Barry