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Student Rules and Regulations


Students must have their Mcards to enter the Testing Accommodation Center (TAC). Mcard information

Please be aware that the Modern Languages Building is typically locked at 6:00 PM every night. To enter the building, students may need to swipe their Mcards at the Southwest entrance, behind Hill Auditorium.  If the building is locked, and you do not have an Mcard (with the key logo on it), you will not be able to gain access to the building.

Arrival Time & Check-In

Arrival Time

Students are expected to arrive no later than ten minutes prior to a scheduled test. This time gives students the opportunity to store belongings and to check in with the front desk.

Checking In at the front desk

Students are expected to be prepared to begin their exam when checking in with the front desk at the exam start time.

Exam time will not be extended due to late check-in at the front desk.

Anyone checking-in more than 30 minutes after their start time will not be allowed to take an exam without instructor approval. If an instructor approves the late start, the end time of the exam will not be extended or changed.

Submitting Your Exam On Time

It is the full responsibility of the student to monitor his/her own exam time and to submit the exam no later than the designated end time.

The TAC is not responsible for alerting students of an exam end time.  If Proctors are able, they may provide the courtesy of collecting an exam, however, this is NOT guaranteed.

Students submitting their exams late may be reported to the instructor.

Personal Items

Students must leave ALL personal items not approved by an instructor (i.e. coats, hats, bags, backpacks, cell-phones, pencil cases, calculator covers, smart watches, computers, books, folders, notes, etc.) in the lockers (see Using the Lockers). Students may not access the lockers until the test is complete.

Using the Lockers

To Close:

  1. Select any available/open locker. Red light will flash for lockers already in use.
  2. Press “ZEPHYR” button.
  3. Enter self-selected 4 digit passcode.
  4. Press “ZEPHYR” button.

To Open:

  1. Press ZEPHYR” button.
  2. Enter your self selected 4 digit passcode.
  3. Press“ZEPHYR” button.

*The bolt stays open and the previous passcode is erased

*Open & Close by RF Card Key: Press “ZEPHYR” button and touchthe Control Card or User Card to the lock face.

Materials Used During Testing

Only materials approved by the instructor on the reservation may be used during an exam. 

All materials (i.e. notes or scrap paper) must be returned with the exam, unless otherwise specified on the reservation.

Students must bring their own items such as pens, pencils, blue book (if approved) and/or calculator (if approved) as these items are not supplied by the TAC. 

If personal computers are approved for use during an exam, students must bring their own fully-charged laptops. Computers will only be supplied by the TAC if appoved on the student's VISA letter.

Quiet in Testing Area

Please remain quiet at all times when in the Testing Area. This includes when you are walking to and from your seat.

If you are found talking in the Testing Area, the TAC will report this a potential academic intregrity violation.

Questions During a Test

Proctors may not answer questions about test material.

Proctos will attempt to email/call the instructor with your questions.  Please understand, in many situations instructors cannot be reached during exam times. Therefore, we encourage students to talk with their instructors beforehand about how to handle questions that arise during an exam at the TAC.

Test Irregularities

If the student or Proctor feels it necessary to document a particular test irregularity, he/she may do so by completing a “Proctor Incident Report”. “Proctor Incident Reports” will be returned to the instructor and a copy kept on file at the Testing Accommodation Center.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the TAC. However, if a student has a long exam, he/she may leave a snack at the TAC Front Desk (no additional time will be added for time used for a snack break). All snacks must be in a sealed bag/container.

Drinks are allowed, but highly discouraged, during exams at the TAC. The TAC will not be responsibile for tests damanged due to spilled drinks.

Restroom Breaks

Restroom breaks are discouraged (unless approved on your VISA).  Students must sign-out with a Proctor when leaving the TAC, and must sign-in when returning.  If a restroom break is needed, the time elapsed during this break will not extend the time allotted to complete a test (unless minutes used for breaks are an approved accommodation on the student's VISA letter).

Students are NOT to leave the basement of MLB while their tests are in progess.


Cancelations must be received in-writing no later than 24-hours prior to a test reservation.

TAC Technology Policies

Information coming soon!

Academic Misconduct

If a Proctor witnesses any suspected academic misconduct during the testing period, he/she will document the issue on a “Proctor Incident Report” and will notify the Testing Accommodation managers of the incident. The managers will review the Proctor Incident Report and notify the instructor and/or contact the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center.