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Mission Statement

The LSA Testing Accommodation Center (TAC) serves the College by providing reasonable testing accommodations to students with verified disabilities who are enrolled in LSA courses. By creating an appropriate space for completing exams, the Testing Accommodation Center aims to make education accessible for students with verified disabilities. TAC’s mission is to serve both students and instructors through a well-defined process that ensures confidentiality and test security.

To better ensure equity and inclusion, we strongly encourage that most testing accommodations continue to be facilitated in the classroom environment. As written in the Services for Students with Disabilities Faculty Handbook, “When special test accommodations are needed, it is in everyone's best interest if the proctor is either one of the teaching assistants for the course, the professor, or another member of the academic department. This practice allows students to address any problems or questions they may have to someone with knowledge of course content and departmental procedures” (p. 4).

Due to available space and volume of students with disabilities needing specific accommodations, the Testing Accommodation Center generally does not provide the following services:

  • Administration of any tests, exams, or pop-quizzes for a student without a verified disability
  • Proctored tests for any out-of-residence coursework
  • Make-up exams for non-disability, illness-related absence
  • Make-up exams for missed tests or planned absences during tests
  • Make-up exams due to religious holidays, athletic schedules, or other student-schedule conflicts
  • Under normal circumstances, extended-time accommodations (by default, this should be facilitated in the classroom or department)