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Waitlists & Permissions

For all classes, the Department uses the electronic waitlist system once the class fills. Students seeking to enroll in an already full class can put their names on a waitlist through the on-line registration system (Wolverine Access). A waitlist number will appear on the student’s schedule indicating their sequence spot on the electronic waitlist. However, priority on the waitlist is determined not by sequential order but by the Departmental policies indicated below. Departmental staff monitor enrollment and work with Faculty to apply appropriate departmental policies to determine which, if any, students are accepted into the class once it is full and waitlisted.

Waitlist priorities in 100-level courses:

  1. Sophomores
  2. Freshmen
  3. Juniors
  4. Seniors

Waitlist priorities in STATS 250

  1. Seniors 
  2. Juniors
  3. Sophomores
  4.  All other undergraduate and graduate students in order of sequence on the waitlist.

Waitlist priorities in 400-level courses:

  1. Senior concentrators
  2. Junior concentrators
  3. Sophomore concentrators
  4. All other undergraduate and graduate students in order of sequence on the waitlist who have fulfilled the appropriate prerequisite.

Permission Procedures

Students offered permission will receive an email with registration information from Wolverine Access. After receiving permission, students must add the class via Wolverine Access to become officially enrolled. Also, students will not be able to register for the course (add the course) until they are issued permission and have dropped themselves from the waitlist. In all cases, it is the student’s responsibility to insure that he or she is properly enrolled in a course by the expiration date.

New Concentration Status

Newly declared concentrators should present their approved, signed declaration form to department staff to confirm official concentration status. Staff and Faculty rely on signed declaration forms to validate a student’s official Statistics concentration status so that appropriate waitlist priority is granted.

Any questions regarding the waitlist can be sent to