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SOC 225: Project Community

Participating students earn academic credit for SOC 225 by reflecting with a sociological lens on service-learning experiences. Students gain skills and perspective through a variety of experiences within these settings, including tutoring in a public elementary school, facilitating weekly debates, or creative writing groups with jail inmates or prisoners, being a "fem-tor" for a teenage girl, or volunteering in a hospital. Project Community's unique design provides many opportunities for learning in the community and in the classroom.

Students may choose from a SOC 225 section in one of three program areas:

  • Education
  • Public Health
  • Criminal Justice

Sociology 225 (graded, experiential) is offered in Fall and Winter terms. Each section has a determined number of credits, which cannot be modified by the student. (Most sections are 3 credits)

SOC 225 is repeatable up to 8 credits, however only one election of SOC 225 can be applied to the Sociology major, LJSC minor, or SHM minor. Regular credit exclusions and limitations (i.e. experiential credit limits) apply for Sociology majors, LJSC minors, and SHM minors.

Each section is a different community service site with unique needs and possible service times. Contact with questions. Please provide the name and number of the section about which you are inquiring.

A complete list of volunteer sites is available (as a Google doc) below.

Requirements for SOC 225 include:

Requirements of the course include attending a 60-minute weekly seminar, participating in relevant community service at a designated site for approximately 4 hours each week, and completing all reading and writing assignments and/or projects. 
  • Weekly readings
  • Volunteering at the site for 3-4 hours each week
  • Weekly 1-hour discussion
  • Possible mid-term and final exam
  • Develop and implement a Community Action Project (CAP) in cooperation with other SOC 225 students in their section and with the support of their site contact;
  • Submit short individual and group reports on the CAP
  • Complete online SOC 225 student entry and exit surveys.

In need of a vehicle or a ride?

Students enrolled in Project Community who have a valid driver's license are able to work with the Center for Engaged Academic Learning (CEAL) to use a vehicle. Carpooling among students in the same section is encouraged. Transportation is coordinated through the section facilitator and CEAL staff.

Visit the CEAL-RIDE website for more information.