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Czech studies have a long tradition at Michigan and have grown over the years. Faculty members doing teaching and research in this field include Professors Herbert Eagle, who specializes in Czech film, Jindrich Toman, who specializes in Czech Modernism, and Ewa Malachowska-Pasek who specializes in Czech language. Literature courses include Czech 484, Modern Czech Literature, taught by Professor Toman. The course teaches twentieth century Czech literature in translation, but includes film and visual arts as well

Minor Requirements

Program Requirements:

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor: Czech 241 or equivalent.

Academic Minor Program: 16 credits of courses, including Czech 242 (4 credits) and 12 credits in courses selected from among the following two categories, with at least 6 credits coming from category B.

Category A: Courses on Central European Slavic Culture
No more than 6 credits from this category

  • Slavic 225 (Arts & Cultures of Central Europe)
  • Slavic 312 (Central European Cinema)
  • Slavic 423 (Central European Literature in the Twentieth Century)

Students may count up to 3 credits of Third-Year Czech (Czech 341/342)

Category B: Courses on Czech culture, literature, and cinema
At least 6 credits are required from this category

  • Czech 480 (Supervised Czech Reading)
  • Czech 483 (Czech Literature from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment)
  • Czech 484 (Modern Czech Literature)
  • Slavic 470 (The Avant-Gardes)
  • Slavic 490 (Issues of the Cultures of Eastern Europe)

Typical Courses Offered

Course No. Typically Offered Course Title
141 F First Year Czech
142 W First Year Czech
241 F Second Year Czech
242 W Second Year Czech
315 F Czech Cinema
480 F; W Supv. Czech Reading
484 W Modern Czech Literature

Czech Language Studies Scholarship

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is offering schloarships of $250 per semester for Czech language study at the U-M during the 2016-17 academic year. The scholarships will be disbursed to the student upon successful completion of the criteria below.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all U-M undergraduates studying the Czech language with the intent to continue studies. All undergraduates are eligible for academic year scholarships; freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible for summer awards. Students must complete the entire term of study and receive a grade of C or better, as well as enroll in the following semester at the appropriate level to receive the scholarship.
  • Application Deadline: Students must appy the end of the first week of classes during the academic year (each semester) to be considered for the academic year scholarship.
  • Application Submission: Interested students should apply via the application.
  • Review Process: Applications are reviewed by a selection committee; students will be notified of academic year awards before the drop/add deadline of the relevant semester.