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Impact of the Kessler Scholarship

I was an older student and was accepted to Michigan the last year of affirmative action, so I felt like I had something to prove. I came to Michigan with a mediocre GPA from community college, and graduated with a 3.7 GPA in both of my majors. Much of that transformation and success was due to the support and resources I was exposed to at U-M.

Carolina Rizzo Oscaris (’09)

[Being in] foster care made it difficult to pay for college, and so the Kessler Scholarship removed that difficulty.

RaeAnna Selleck (’11)

This scholarship was literally my everything . . . it all started from that one point and from Judy and Fred. I never would have discovered my passion for making television if it wasn’t for U-M and I never would have gone to U-M if it wasn’t for my Kessler Scholarship.

Erica Hernandez (’13)

[My Kessler Scholarship] is why I went to Michigan — I can’t fully express what that scholarship means to me . . . I discovered my passions, I got into grad school . . . all because of the Kessler Scholarship.

Riham Ramadan (’13)

I’m glad I got to go to Kenya and live on the plains there. It’s a whole other world, and I am so grateful to have experienced that. I think that speaks volumes about Michigan and all the opportunities I’ve had.

Collette Rothe (’12)

My father passed away, and I’m one of 8 kids, so my school options were very limited to what I could afford. I thought I wanted to do medicine, something completely different from my family. The scholarship was the only reason I was able to attend college!

Rebecca Gentner (’13)

My scholarship made it possible for me to attend college and inspired my desire to become a foster mom.

RaeAnna Selleck (’11)

I want to go to law school and then practice housing law. I want to help those who can’t help themselves. I want to connect resources to people who need them the most.

Courtney Rygalski (’15) 

There are so many people who made me who I am through big and small actions, and I want to give back in similar ways.

Katie Ramos (’14)

I want to be the type of physician that can leverage technology to improve the quality of health care for those that don’t have access, like refugees. I don’t want to be a traditional physician; I want to be more involved at the community level.

Ahmad Hasan (’13)

When people give, like Judy and Fred did, it just shows that there are people out there who care. It creates a chain reaction. I got to go to El Salvador and Nicaragua as an undergrad . . . We built medical centers and schools that provide health care information to the people there. And all those lives were touched because of the gift Judy and Fred made. When they gave, they didn’t realize they were giving to those kids, and all the people I’m going to be able to help in my life.

Dillon Dewundara (’15)

I want Judy and Fred to know that I will continue to give back. After grad school and when I’m established, my dream is to help give someone else the same opportunities I’ve been given.

Collette Rothe (’12)

I want to make other lives better.

Samantha Russ (’13)

I am going into dermatology to help provide health services to underserved populations.

Lauren Seale (’12)