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Student Production Opportunities

Background Artists Call for SAC 423 Film

Production Title: Malignant Humor
Production Type: University of Michigan Student Production
Production Length: Short Film (30 minutes)
Written By: Kelsey Fox
Head Producer: Matthew Barnauskas
Director: Nick Sheehan

LOGLINE: An improv team struggles with the line between humor and heart when they're booked to perform at a high school after a major tragedy.

SYNOPSIS: Malignant Humor tells the story of ERIN, RYAN, JACK, and GABI, four friends in an improv group, who get the worst gig ever. Booked to perform at a high school after a major tragedy, the team struggles with the line between humor and heart. The ringleader of the group, Erin, who uses humor as a defense mechanism, must learn to let her guard down or else risk losing those she cares about; be it KAT, her younger sister, who is still freshly coping with loss, or her improv team, who she soon discovers she doesn’t know as well as she once thought she did. When nothing else is funny, Erin and her friends turn to comedy as a way to cope.

Looking for extras to film in high school scenes. Great opportunity for those interested in acting for the camera and film production. Will be given the opportunity to view a close to professional set as possible.

Dress is casual. No visible logos.

This is an unpaid position. However, we will provide food on set and all cast will receive a copy of the final production for their reel.

Shooting dates:

March 26th Keene Auditorium, East Quad. 11am-2pm.

Please email

This film will premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival in July.