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SAC Honors Program Cohorts

Meet the 2016-17 Honors Cohort

Emily Browning is a Senior SAC Major and part of the Ross School of Business Sales Track program. She is on the producer board for the M-agination club and a member of the Varsity Women's Water Polo Team. She just finished a summer interning for NBC Sports at the Olympics and is excited for her last year at Michigan.

For her honors thesis, she is working with Abby Buchmeyer. Their project will be a 30 minute sketch and improv TV pilot depicting raw, unfiltered female perspective. They intend to work together as show runners in definite roles: Emily as head producer and Abigail as writer and director. 

Emily's SAC Faculty Advisors are Terri Sarris (primary) and Candace Moore (secondary) 

Abby Buchmeyer is a SAC student with a minor in Performance Arts Management. She discovered her admiration for film and TV when she was a wee freshman by joining M-agination Films, a student production organization that she is president of this year. She now exercises her long-time love of writing and comedy through participating in screenwriting courses and writing/producing for Funny or Die - University of Michigan. Over the past two summers she has worked for Red Hour Films (Zoolander, Tropic Thunder) and Animal Kingdom Films (Short Term 12, It Follows) as a development intern, created a documentary in Bolivia through Actuality Media, and taught screenwriting and film at an intensive arts camp in Ontario.

Abby is thrilled to take on her thesis with her producer and co-honors cohort Emily Browning and create something unique, honest and (hopefully) funny.

Abby's SAC Faculty Advisors are Terri Sarris (primary) and Candace Moore (secondary) 

Ava Burnham is a SAC major with a  computer science minor. She is primarily focused on film production and editing, with a strong interest in music and film music. Over the summer, she lived in New York City where she interned at Spacestation, a production company, and Lost Planet, an editorial company. 

For her thesis, Ava will be studying the works on Robert Altman through archival research, with a focus on Nashville (1977) and its musical content. Ava is excited to begin her thesis, as its final result will be unknown until she explores the expansive Special Collections archives. Additionally, she plans to create an audio-visual accompaniment to her final presentation – inspired by the works of Altman and his techniques for film music. 

Ava's SAC Faculty Advisors are Matthew Solomon (primary) and Caryl Flinn (secondary)

Clare Higgins is getting her degrees in both Screen Arts & Cultures and Creative Writing & Literature through the Residential College. She recently spent her summer in Los Angeles, and plans to move back soon in the hopes of joining the television industry while writing scripts of her own. On campus, she is an active member of the RC Players and enjoys writing for the stage as much as the screen. She can't wait to work with vastly talented artists this year in order to put together a project that encompasses the many mediums she loves. 

This year, Clare will be adapting a dance number, a poem, and a short story for the screen (making 3 short films). She will be working closely with a dancer, a poet, and a fiction writer in order to make these adaptations true to the essence of their originals while adding something to them that only video could. 

Clare's SAC Faculty Advisors are Victor Fanucchi (primary) and Daniel Herbert (secondary) 

Logan McCulloch is a Senior SAC Major, President of the Michigan Animation Club, and works for Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum.

For his honors thesis, he is studying opposition television with a focus on hybridized genres. His project will include a three-chapter theory book incorporating primary and secondary research, analysis, and a creative screenwriting portion that puts his theories to the test.

Logan's Faculty Advisors are Candace Moore (primary, SAC) and Raymond McDaniel (secondary, LSA Lloyd Hall Scholars Program)