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Graduate Certificate

SAC Graduate Certificate Overview

The SAC Graduate Certificate is a non-degree credential that

  • Gives students accepted into, or already enrolled in a graduate degree program specialized knowledge in the study of film/media and other related forms of the moving image;
  • Provides students pursuing graduate studies in various fields of inquiry the opportunity to enhance their versatility as potential teachers and scholars in a broad range of disciplines and areas of intellectual investigation;
  • Allows students to pursue screen studies in an interdisciplinary context at the same time that they learn about screen studies as a discrete discipline with an established history, body of knowledge, and set of critical methodologies.

Required Courses

REQUIREMENTS: 15 credit hours of graduate course work in screen studies, which includes the following:

SAC 600 – Introduction to Screen Studies (3 credits)

SAC 601 – Seminar in Film or Electronic/Digital Media Theory (3 credits)

SAC 602 – Seminar in Film or Television Historiography (3 credits)

SAC 700 – Directed Research (3 credits)

Plus one elective course that carries graduate credit (3 credits), from among

SAC 500 – Directed Study in Screen Studies

SAC 603, 620, 621, 622, 631, 632

or an approved 400-level course

Application Requirements

Please submit the following to the Director of Graduate Studies, 6330 North Quad. Students should apply for the Certificate in Screen Studies after they have completed at least one required course and before they enroll in SAC 700.

  • A statement of purpose explaining their interest in the Certificate Program and background in the study of film/media
  • One or more writing samples
  • Two faculty recommendations
  • Official transcripts and evidence of coursework or other preparation in film/media and related areas of visual culture.
  • A completed Dual Degree/Program Application signed by the student’s home department must be submitted to the Student Services Assistant in Screen Arts and Cultures.  The application can be found on the Rackham website.

After students have been admitted into the Certificate Program, they may ask Screen Arts & Cultures budgeted faculty (who are not in their “home unit”) to serve on “prelim” and/or dissertation committees.

Applicants should also consult with the Fellowship Office in the Rackham School of Graduate Studies, as well as their department or program of specialization for information regarding the availability of financial assistance. The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures, itself, provides some financial support through a limited number of graduate student instructorships.