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Italian Honors Major

If you are qualified, you may be admitted to a program of advanced study in the beginning or middle of your junior year (or at the beginning of your senior year following participation in a junior year study-abroad program), leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Italian.

Admission to senior-level Honors work in Italian is by application only.

Prerequisites to entering RLL's honor major in Italian

  • Demonstrated superior ability in both oral and written Italian, and to present evidence of serious interest in research
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and a Italian Major GPA of 3.5 are required for admission and for graduation with Honors in Italian

Requirements in the program

  • Normal major requirements in Italian must be completed
  • Composition of a thesis in Italian (30 pages minimum)
  • Enroll in ROMLANG 498 in the fall term of their senior year
  • Enroll in ITALIAN 491 in the winter term of their senior year
  • A presentation and discussion of your thesis and of an agreed-upon set of related readings with members of the faculty (Thesis defense)

If you wish to participate, you should contact Linda Burger, for the contact information of the current Honors Advisor in Italian and fill out an application form. Upon admission, you will enroll in RomLang 498, writing your thesis under the supervision of a member of the professional faculty. Upon successful completion, your faculty advisor will send a report to the Honors program with your thesis title and a recommendation of honors, high honors or highest honors in Italian.

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