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RC MAP (Mentorship Among Peers)

The RC MAP (Mentorship Among Peers) Program aims to strengthen the Residential College community by encouraging first-year and upper-level students to interact and exchange insights. It provides incoming RC freshmen with personalized guidance and connects them to social and academic resources on campus. It also provides returning RC students with leadership and reflection opportunities. RC mentors and mentees meet regularly for coffee, concerts, tutoring, football games, etc. and they participate in monthly bonding events ranging from board game nights to ice skating excursions.  Above all, the RC MAP Program strives to guide RC students toward personal and professional success.

Contact Logan Corey for more information about the RC Mentorship Among Peers program


Charley Cohen

Majors: Political Science and History
Dream Mentor Committee: Obi Wan Kenobi, Homer Simpson and James Polk

Elizabeth Stapleton

Major: Social Theory and Practice and Community Action and Social Change minor
Dream Mentor Committee: mantis shrimp, Lumpy Space Princess and Bill Murray

Megan Harper

Majors: Psychology and Spanish
Dream Mentor Committee: My dog (Sadie the schnoodle), Hiccup from HTTYD and Benedict Cumberbatch!

Susan Hoffman

Major: Undecided
Dream Mentor Committee: a beluga white whale because they are playful, Fred Weasley, and Meryl Streep

Claire Higgins

Majors: Screen Arts and Cultures and Creative Writing and Literature
Dream Mentor Committee: Shonda Rhimes, Bo Burnham and Kristen Wiig

Marissa Hirsch

Major: Neuroscience
Dream Mentor Committee: Freud, Ted from "How I Met Your Mother" and Seth Myers

Mike Van Volkenburg

Majors: Economics and International Studies
Dream Mentor Committee: one cat, Harry Potter and Stephen Colbert