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Note:  The Drama Major is open to ALL LSA Students.

The RC Drama Major combines the literary, historical, and theatrical study of drama.  You will study dramatic texts as literature, playwrights and their sources and contexts (mythological, historical, literary, personal) and problems of performance (staging, audience, reception). This practical as well as theoretical approach to theater allows you to combine critical analysis with active performance.  All courses in the major are small and interactive: discussing and writing about dramatic texts and the world they came from and performing scenes for evaluation and enjoyment.

At the heart of the RC Drama concentration is the theater experience – what happens in the theater during the performance of a play?  Through a variety of experiential and academic activities, you will acquire the discipline of indentifying with author, actor, director and spectator. You will develop a specifically dramatic perception and understanding of the play text.  You will practice using your eyes and ears while reading to “see” and “hear” the action on stage.  You will learn to distinguish between the play and the production while appreciating their inter-dependence.  You will increase your knowledge of acting and dramatic style, of how characters behave in the dramatic situation, of how spectators will be able to assess the aesthetic and social significance of the play in its own time, in the theater, before the audience of its own time; and then to explore how it is “revived” for another time and audience, possibly in another medium.

This concentration is especially useful to students who want to combine a field of study in the Humanities (Drama) with practical work in Theater through various venues at the Residential College and elsewhere on campus.  A core faculty of the RC, together with select faculty in the Department of Theatre, and Drama (The School of Music, Theater and Dance) will afford you a unique blend of theory and practice in this complex art form and major social/cultural phenomenon.

More information about the RC Drama concentration curriculum and requirements.